The Use and Advantages of Low Density Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Low density polyethylene foam is made of thin, closed cells that form a flexible and strong packaging solution for finished products. It is ideal for protecting surfaces and packing various goods. It is then highly recommended to manufacturing industries. This type of foam protection has many benefits and comes in different forms to fit all your needs to pack your merchandises.

What Use for Low Density Polyethylene Foam?

This protective foam is present in different forms to adapt to the needs and products of all industries:

Foam Roll film

Low density polyethylene foam rolls protects all products from impact. The foam is very thin, of 1 to 4 mm, and is in the form of a roll to facilitate the use. The damping effect is increasing with the thickness of the film. The foam film is very flexible, lightweight and easy to use. It protects against dirt, resists compression, elastic and flexible. It is also easy to cut and can be used according to the desired size for the product to protect. It is easy to cut the foam film with a cutter.

Polyethylene Foam Planks

Polyethylene foam plank is generally used for both heavy and fragile goods. Indeed, planks can wedge, pad and separate the goods to protect them. They are resistant, unbreakable and semi-rigid. Plus, planks can be easily cut with a cutter or a saw. In addition, they are reusable and washable. They come in different sizes and colors to suit each product and each brand. Some planks have cells that interlock for maximum protection.

Polyethylene Foam sheets

Polyethylene closed cell foam sheets are pre-cut so ready for use. It saves time for repetitive tasks. The foam sheets are adapted to be wedged between small products to better protect them (glasses, plates, etc.). Moreover, they are very soft. The sheets are often sold at the size of the cartons and have a thickness of 1 millimeter. Foam sheets are very well suited to the protection of small objects: dishes, glassware, art objects, etc.

Polyethylene Foam Envelopes

Polyethylene foam envelope is in the form of a classic envelope but there is just foam inside it. Thus, it protects the shipment of delicate and fragile small products. The foam is very light so it allows you to save money on postage. The envelope closes very easily with an adhesive closure. Besides, it is adapted to both professional and private uses.