How to Highlight your Mad Skills on your CV?

Have you ever heard about mad skills? Those are crucial elements that make you unique and original. Today, these famous mad skills are increasingly valued by companies when recruiting. It is then very wise to highlight them on your resume. Here are the best tips to manage doing so.

Mad Skills are Increasingly Sought by Recruiters

In addition to hard skills, technical skills and soft skills, there are mad skills. They often emerge out of the professional framework, these skills illustrate the uniqueness and originality of a person. Valuable characteristics for recruiters looking for creative, atypical profiles, capable of giving new impetus and thinking outside the established framework.

The Way to Highlight your Mad Skills on your CV

After the insertion of your soft skills in your Curriculum Vitae, you can do the same for your mad skills. Regardless the CV structure of your choice, it must allow you to reveal your mad skills to future recruiters. Your ability to value your uniqueness is probably the best way to make a difference compared to other candidates, especially if you are applying with a start-up or an innovative company.

Is your academic or professional path not linear? Don’t hide it. For instance, explain why you opted for a CPC in pastry after 5 years spent on the benches of your engineering school,. And why did you prefer to get up every weekend at 4 a.m. rather than swinging on the dance floor to relieve the stress of your week in a consulting firm. Probably, this detail will not go unnoticed during a recruitment. And recruiters can only appreciate your willingness to follow your passion and your ability to take on an original experience.

Mad skills: When your Hobbies Allow you to Get a Job

Imagine yourself in an open space, sitting alongside 8 other candidates who are applying for the same position as you. A priori, if your resume has been selected, it means that you have the technical knowledge and skills required for the position. Thus, there is a good chance that the hiring manager will further assess your emotional intelligence, your soft skills and what makes your difference: your mad skills. So, if in your spare time you are a juggler, a fan of mushroom picking, a country dancer, a medieval illuminator or head of the association for the protection of wild geese, mention it in your CV.