How Windows Are Sold

Any salesperson selling double-glazing windows is typically ridiculed within the media. Unfortunately, a lot of these salespeople are working on commission alone. Because of this, and their lack of training, they generally don’t do a lot of assessments on their clients. This leads them to offer only a couple of different ranges of windows. A lot of the training offered to these salespeople doesn’t focus on assessing or recommending the right windows but rather on optimizing the sales process. They are taught how to effectively sell the products, counter objections, and close the sale. This is generally why you will find them recommending that the decision-maker is present during the sales visit or call. The main objection they are faced with is “the spouse isn’t available.” This is why a salesperson wants to get both in the same call or room together. We are looking to hire a brand new sales representative if you have any interest in selling an in-demand product on our professional sales team. As a side benefit, you may want to learn more about secondary double glazing.

A salesperson that spends a lot of time downplaying their competition is typically doing so to justify the higher price tag. There are differences with the double glazing windows in the marketplace. There are windows with varying profile systems and there are differences in insulation. Some are better than others and even the locking mechanisms can showcases differences. This is especially true when it comes to doors. A lot of the cheaper European cylinders imported from the East can be easily penetrated with tools like mole-grips. Alternatively, a good and quality lock can withstand a multitude of attempts for snapping and drilling. Try not to pay close attention to any salesperson that attempts to sell you on the idea that aluminum experiences condensation. Likewise, if they try to say that timber rots. While you will find some materials that will rot, you can have softwood that lasts for 10 years or more. Every product no matter what it is comes with warranties and maintenance guidelines you need to follow to maximize its lifespan. Don’t listen to a salesperson selling you on the idea that the material is “maintenance-free.” There is no such thing. It’s a term that is frequently tossed around that isn’t accurate whatsoever. No window or door is free of maintenance. They will all require some type of maintenance at some point throughout their lifespan of it.

Pricing or Getting A Quote?

This is typically where you can spot a lot of the differences between the various companies selling window systems. A lot of the companies that deploy commission-only employees will use some of the older sales tactics to get their customers to pay as much as possible. They will start with an astronomically high price and lower it with objections. During the sales call or visit, they will offer a “one-time” price drop that won’t be offered again. If that doesn’t close the deal, they will hand the call off to their sales manager. They will typically indicate “they’ve given as big of a discount as possible, is there anything else that can be done to close the deal?” From there, they will try to figure out a way to gain further discounts, but they will add even further time restraints to the offer to get you to agree on the spot.

Salespeople Tend To Make A Lot Of Promises

Any windows that are installed in render are likely to require re-rendering. The majority of the companies will not offer to decorate. You also typically won’t get internal plaster work included. On occasion, you can expect some re-decoration needed and it won’t be included in your package or price tag.