6 Tips To Ensuring Safety In Your Warehouse

For any business in the warehousing industry safety should be a priority. Everything from accurate training for staff members to detailed route plans and clearly marked safety instructions for racking and packing should be rehearsed and practiced every day. Ensuring that your staff members are adequately training to work in a safe environment is the ley to running a well-maintained and safe warehouse system.

When everyone in a warehouse practices safe working practices it prevents accidents from happening. Additionally, a safe warehouse environment is also a productive one. Here are our top 6 tips for keeping your warehouse safe:


• Do not make use of pallets stacked on forklifts to reach high areas. Pallets should never be used as a platform to conduct work.

• Ensure that all racking and stacking systems are equipped with safety nets which prevent goods from falling to the floor below.

• Always ensure that any pallets are stacked correctly. Correctly stacked pallets are more stable. Additionally to prevent items from falling off pallets make sure that they are adequately wrapped using a high-quality pallet wrap.

• Racking which is likely to be struck by passing forklifts, person or vehicles should be fastened to the floor securely.

• Any racking used in a warehouse should be regularly inspected for damage or defects which could compromise the stability of the structure.

• Employees should under no circumstances be allowed to climb warehouse racking at any time.


• All persons operating vehicles of any sort within a warehouse should be trained and certified to do so.

• Forklifts and other warehouse vehicles need to be regularly maintained but certified mechanics affiliated to the manufacturer.

• All warehouses should implement strict speed limits for all vehicles.

• Implement a policy of zero-tolerance towards discretions within the warehouse.

 Personal Protection

• All staff members should be given the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) required for them to safely complete their day to day operations.

• PPE should include shoes, masks, reflective vests, goggles, and hard hats.

• Employees should at all times wear PPE when working in the warehouse.


• All personnel working in the warehouse should be trained to effectively conduct their respective roles in a safe manner.

• Training should be refreshed regularly.

• All employees should be required to attend any updated courses in their field of work.


• Ensure that employees handling goods are equipped with the correct PPE for the requirements of their role within the company.

• Should managers find that any part of the product handling within the warehouse is below standard or dangerous the systems must be re-thought to provide for a safe working environment.


• Warehouse flooring should be kept clean and free from contaminants at all times.

• Any spills should be cleaning immediately.

• Obstructions on the floors should be removed as soon as they become visible.

• Apply anti-slip paint to all warehouse floors.

• Ensure that all visual signs are clearly visible. This would also include any warning signs.

• Clearly mark out areas where employees could be in danger such as loading docks.