4 Tough Housing Market Selling Tips

When you are selling your home, your first goal is to get the property on the market as quickly as possible. Your second goal is to sell the property as fast as possible and at the price you wanted. The problem with this train of thought is that there really is no shortage of available properties. And, each day new ones are listed. You need to make sure that your property and the price you listed it for is as attractive as possible to buyers.

But, in tough economic times or at times when the markets seem flooded it’s much harder to make your property look appealing to prospective buyers. One of the easiest ways to make sure your property stands out from the rest is to do a little upgrading. You might think that you need to re-do your entire house, but this simply is not the case. After all, you might not get your money back if you do.

The key is to have perspective. For the most part, the new buyers are likely to start their renovations shortly after taking occupation. Here are the top things you can change which won’t break the bank but are easy to complete:


Homebuyers start to scrutinise a property from the moment they take their first step into the yard. You are more likely to attract prospective buyers is your home and garden is clutter-free. Jump into that garden and plant a few new trees and bushes. Have the lawn mowed and get someone in to tidy the garden up a little. You house form the outside will be the first impression the buyers have and you need to make an impact.


AS we’ve mentioned before buyers are more likely to take an interest in a property which is clean. Declutter! The last thing a buyer wants is to be falling over items around your house. It is a well-known fact that buyers judge the interior of the house based on how clean the homeowner is. Giving the interior walls a fresh coat of paint and will also work wonders. Remember houses which are well-presented often sell at much higher prices.


Bathrooms are among the most judged rooms in the house. Remove carpeting from bathrooms and replace it with tiles or laminate flooring. Any broken or cracked tiles should also be replaced. Leaking taps or showerheads should also be replaced. Another great idea is to re-do this finishing’s around the basin and bathtub too.


The first thing a prospective buyer will notice when they walk into your kitchen is the countertops, followed by the cabinets. These are the key features in your kitchen and need a re-vamp. You do not have to use the most expensive materials. You just need to make it look presentable to anyone who enters your kitchen. The key to renovating your kitchen is to ensure that your budget is low. This way you are more likely to recoup the money when the house is sold.