Tips on Choosing A Tennis Racket

For those of you who like movement and agility, tennis can be the right exercise options to maintain physical fitness. For maximum performance in the field, you must select the equipment carefully.

In choosing a racket, you must observe the specifications and quality of the material. Do you plan to buy tennis rackets soon? Here it is things you need to consider in choosing a tennis racket.

Grip size

Grip size for adults is usually 10-12 cm. In choosing a tennis racquet, you can consider the size of grip that matches your wrist. The perfect grip would increase your comfort.

If you are not comfortable with grip size, you can increase the thickness by using overgrip tape.

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Racket length

The length of the racket is usually around 69 cm or 27 inches. Some of you might prefer the longer racket. A longer racket has a more extended reach on the groundstroke. When servicing, strength increases. The downside is the swing feels heavier. Your energy will be more absorbed during the game.

The size of the racket head

The size of a general racket head usually ranges from 684-761 cm2 with a length of 27 inches or 69 cm. For the sake of balance, make sure the weight is precisely towards the racket head. For beginners, choose a racket with bigger head size.

Racket material

For beginners, it’s better to choose a racket made of durable but lightweight material like graphite. For tennis athletes, you can choose a racket made of titanium or aluminium. Rackets made from these materials usually have strong durability, and the price is still relatively affordable.