Tips For Improving the SEO of Your WordPress Website

Not everyone is aware that the average top-ranking websites also rank for the top 10 results for almost 1,000 other appropriate keywords, and these statistics highlight the true magic of SEO.

Therefore, with the correct SEO technique, you can improve your website visibility organically on search engines and create a robust online presence.

Therefore, to enhance your online visibility for NZ-based business, consider enforcing effective SEO strategies, which are powered by reliable WordPress hosting in NZ and a domain host.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the method of growing a website’s organic search traffic. These methods help you show up and rank higher in the search engines.

Why is SEO Important?

When people search for your website based on your offered services – you can use their search terms to rank higher on search engine results. The catch is that ranking is not that easy, as your competitors are also putting in the same effort. That is the reason SEO is so important, as it helps to show Google that you deserve the ranking.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Not everyone scrolls down when they search; usually, people only see the first few search results. Therefore, higher rankings usually mean more traffic on your website.

How to improve SEO on wordpress

1. Make Use of Yoast.

Yoast is a component reach plugin that shows you what Google sees while analyzing your content for ranking. It gives you analytics about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong by looking into how well you have optimized your webpage or website.

Furthermore, it will show you how your website looks in search engines, which will help you review whether your focused keyword shows up in the title, content, and meta description.

2. Focus on ALT Tags of Images.

Another great way to improve SEO on wordpress is to focus on all ALT tags on your images as Google only identifies words; therefore, it is essential to ensure that Google discovers your images through keywords, so make use of rich keywords in your tags of image.

3. Use WordPress Categories Intentionally:

When you make use of WordPress categories, they help you organize and label your post, help you with similar articles, and give the reader clues & chains when they explore a topic, which further makes it easy for visitors to find other posts on similar topics.

Though tags are optional (highly recommended to use them), categories are required in WordPress.

4. Use Connections Links

Connections help you stay in front of the competition, and WordPress can help you with that.

WordPress SEO offers built-in features such as blogrolls and pingbacks that help in building relationships, where pingbacks let the writer know when they tag in the content, which helps them track their mentioned work even when there is no direct link.

When these links are analyzed, you get to understand which external links affect your content the most and how they affect your ranking.

Google considers these links and takes them into account to determine your popularity among searchers.

5. Avoid Plagiarism

The next important thing to avoid when you want to improve SEO in wordpressis plagiarism, which means making sure that every URL has unique content and doesn’t make use of identical content for different pages.

6. Don’t Stuff Keywords

Make sure your keywords seamlessly fit your website content, so don’t use mobile numbers, geographical info, and complex keywords, which don’t serve a purpose.

There are various keyword generation tools you can use with WordPress hosting that help you choose the most relevant and valuable keywords for your content.


So take your time, examine your website thoroughly, and execute the above SEO techniques for better ranking on your audience’s search engines.