Tips for Answering HRD Questions during Interviews

The interview is surely the tensest stage for job applicants. They will face someone who will determine the fate of his career, called HRD. HRD’s questions are often deceptive, thus making some job applicants find it difficult to answer and increasingly provoke their nervousness. Therefore, before going through the interview process, you should prepare yourself first. Do the following:

1. Pause When Answering

If you already understand the questions HRD asks, surely you want to answer quickly to show that you are so enthusiastic. However, that attitude is not quite right. You should give a few seconds’ pauses before answering HRD questions, to make you look like a thoughtful person.

2. Don’t be nervous

Nervousness is a natural thing every job applicant feels in an interview. You should not let it interfere with the condition of your body. Stay calm to keep your concentration. Try to take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Keep in mind that mistakes in answering questions often occur due to uncontrolled nervousness.

3. Understand the Tricky Questions

In the interview session, HRD often gave a tricky question. If you do not pay attention, you can misinterpret the question. The questions might be about the picture of yourself, your knowledge of the company, the reason you are interested, the achievements you have achieved, and your plans for the future.

4. Open and honest

Openness and honesty are essential values ​​in the interview process. Speak honestly about yourself, because HRD’s questions could be a trap. If you lie once, other lies will emerge.

5. A Handshake Can Describe Yourself

Although it sounds trivial, the handshake can determine whether or not you pass the interview. If you shake their hand too strong, it shows that you are very aggressive. A weak handshake presents a pessimistic and insecure personality. Make sure you do handshake perfectly, not too soft or not too strong.

Those are some tips you need to know about doing an interview.

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