St Andrews International School, Bangkok, Thailand as a Provision for the Face of Globalization

In this era, all people are required to prepare themselves to face global competition. Some people who choose an international school think and hope that the school is better and make the child be able to compete in this globalized world. Is it true?

Curriculum differences

If local schools refer to the national curriculum, international schools use an international curriculum in the teaching process, such as IB (International Baccalaureate), Cambridge, and others. Based on the international curriculum, all teaching material will be delivered in English. Many parents think that the international curriculum will make children smarter than the national curriculum.

The answer to that question is yes. The international curriculum generally requires children to be more creative and process-oriented, not focus on the results. Besides, in international schools, children are taught how to have good personalities, including discipline, respect for time, and thinking far ahead.

Readiness Check

It would be best if you thought whether the curriculum is suitable for your child or not. Children need at least basic English to enter this school so that they won’t feel stress.

Parents also need to be ready if the child will accept values ​​that are not in line with the family. International schools require a long-term plan that is ripe for children.

St. Andrews International School is the International School Bangkok Thailand (precisely in Sathorn). St Andrews International School is a primary school for children aged 2-11 years. The curriculum at this school is based on the British International curriculum with a focus on teaching positive personalities to prepare the child’s future with skills and guarantee their future.

You do not need to worry when entering an international school; your child will get an excellent development in the English language. St. Andrews International School has a balanced curriculum with a safe, fun, and inspiring environment.

As support for student learning activities, this school also provides complete facilities. For more information about curriculum, facilities, and learning systems at St Andrews International School, please access