My Eyelashes Are Gorgeous Now

When my friend suggested that I buy Careprost online, I was very resistant at first. I had tried an eyelash serum before, and it made my eyelashes look comical. They did not look natural at all, and I was really embarrassed over how they did appear. I knew that I would never try another serum that claims to make eyelashes stronger and thicker. However, when my friend told me that she has a cousin who tried it, and her lashes look extremely natural, I knew that I needed to check it out for myself.

Even before I went to the website address she had given me, I was able to see pictures of her cousin from my friend’s social media page. I was definitely able to tell the difference in the pictures from before she used the serum to after she had used it for several weeks. My friend was right too that her eyelashes looked very natural. I was very impressed with what I saw, so I went to the website to get even more information. I was able to find out exactly what Careprost is, and there was actually a lot of information on the site about the product itself along with testimonials and other things.

As far as the testimonials go, it was really nice to actually see pictures to go along with the testimonials. There were some pictures that were close up to where I could actually see how real the eyelashes look, and then there were some photos showing the entire face of the woman, letting me see how the eyelashes look from this perspective too. I was all for it, and I hoped that it would only take a few weeks of me using it too. It took about five weeks total before I noticed a difference, but those extra couple of weeks were well worth the wait to get the gorgeous eyelashes that I have now.