Much Needed Help for My Lashes

I used to wear fake eyelashes because I thought they made my seemingly non-existent eyelashes look so much nicer. It was not until a new friend of mine told me that they actually took away from my looks that I took a harder look at them and realized that she was right. I was so busy trying to cover up something I did not like that I did not pay attention to how effective my solution was. That was not the end of it though. She told me about Feg eyelash serum, which is a better alternative to anything out there to help make lashes longer and thicker.

I went online to see if there was more information on it. Though she had told me a lot about it because of her own experience with it, I still wanted to know a lot more before I took that leap of faith and purchased some for myself. I wanted to know if it works on most people or if there was just a select few that it helped. I wanted to know why it worked for people. I wanted to know the exact instructions on how to apply it. Yes, I wanted to know a lot about Feg!

I was able to find a great website that had just a ton of valuable information on it. I learned that it is perfectly safe for people to use, and I also found out that there was no testing done on animals, which is huge for me. I even found out that it can be used not only on eyelashes but on eyebrows too! I learned why it works, and that it works for people who have even nearly invisible lashes. I was very happy with everything I found out, and I was even happier when I found out that it works even better than I expected!