Information About Custom Bobbleheads

Bobblehead dolls have been around for decades, but what if you need to order them in bulk or have a large order to fill? Here are some suggestions to make the process go smoothly. How do you find the best price on custom bobbleheads?What if you want to order your custom dolls in bulk? How can you get ideas for your custom bobblehead dolls?

To keep things simple, most companies stock their custom bobbleheads at about seven inches tall. This is fine if you are going to be using it to promote a local business or for one of your advertising campaigns. Most of the time, you are going to be using it to promote a national product or service. If you are promoting a nationwide product or service, you can find larger, taller bobblehead dolls that are designed to fit the bill.

For many different promotions, you can use a variety of different materials. These could include plastic, metal, cloth, vinyl, and even paper. For promotional purposes, you might want to think about the material your custom bobbleheads are made in the USA to make sure that it stands up to the weather.

It also helps if it has some type of adhesive on the bottom of the doll. Most manufacturers of custom bobbleheads made-in-the-USA will add this to their product to ensure that they can stick them to various items like soda bottles.

There are two more steps you need to go through if you plan on making your custom bobblehead. One is painting the bobblehead in either the color of your choosing or the design that you have chosen. The second thing is going through the proofing process.

This is the last step of the entire custom bobblehead creation process and it consists of giving the bobblehead to a group of people who wear them so that they can act out a simulated poll to see which version of the doll looks the best.

After you have gone through the proofing process, you can then go ahead and order your custom bobbleheads. Usually, you should receive them within three weeks to ten days depending on where you live.

You will find that there is usually an extra fee for these custom bobbleheads, but they are well worth it because of the attention you will get from people wearing them. So now that you know all of this basic information about custom dolls and custom bobbleheads dolls, you should be well on your way to creating the perfect custom bobblehead for your next party or event.