I Have a Good Summer Job

I have been neighbors with this guy since I was probably six or seven years old. As long as I have known him he would pretty much drive a different car home every single night, because he worked at a large car dealership. Back then I think that he was just a normal sales guy, but at some point he became the guy in charge of their used car sales. Of course my hope is that I would eventually get sales training and I would be good at selling cars, since that is how you make money. A lot of jobs you just show up and they pay you by the hour no matter if you accomplish anything or you do nothing at all. A car salesman makes money by selling cars and you need to have a certain skill set to be good at it. There are some technical aspects, figuring out what a person can afford obviously. The big thing is that you have to be able to make people trust you, and obviously it seems to me that honesty is the best way to accomplish that. For now that has almost nothing to do with my work. I am only sixteen years old and I only have a learner’s permit until I finish up the things I need to do before I take my driver’s test. I ride in to work with Mr.. Parks and then I start washing cars and cleaning them out. They do this in the winter too and I do not think I would really like that so much. In the warmth of summer it is not a big deal, in fact it is nice to get wet when it is really hot. I pretty much was and clean the cars one after the other and it is time to start over when I get done.