How To Wear Streetwear As The Weather Turns Colder

With the weather starting to turn, warmer pieces of clothing are slowly but surely starting to make their way out of the wardrobe for another few months. With streetwear, there are so many pieces of fashion that you can wear throughout the year, but knowing how to wear those pieces when the seasons start to change is key. You need to know what pieces, styles and colours work well together so that when autumn rolls around, you’re still bang on trend.

Get Smart With Your Clothes

When the weather is warm, it’s easy to forget about some of the essential streetwear trends in favour of being cool and comfortable. Layering is a big style when it comes to streetwear, so it’s time to get clever with your clothing choices. With the weather not quite warm, but not quite cold either, prioritise your lighter clothing items to wear over thicker clothes. For example, if you choose to wear a printed or graphic t-shirt or a mens twin set, and style it with a lightweight windbreaker jacket to make your outfit pop.

Whilst this look doesn’t always work with the weather, mix it up a bit by wearing chino shorts that come to just above the knee with a pair of stylish, retro trainers.

Mix Up Prints

Camouflage prints are one of the biggest streetwear trends this season. Camouflage has long held its place in wardrobes across the land and is easy to style up or dull down.

The key to pulling off the trend is being aware of what you pair it with. Make sure the rest of your outfit is toned down if you want your camouflage print to stand out. Steer clear of competing motifs, but small, subtle logos work well if you want to show off your streetwear collection.

Make A Statement

As any streetwear fan will know, bolder is better. Thanks to the rise in brands who are taking the trend on board, including Jameson Carter, Supreme and Off White, prints and colours are getting bolder and brighter.

A plain white or printed t-shirt will look great with a bright, block-coloured windbreaker jacket, especially if the weather is a little dull. As well as colours and patterns, materials such as nylon will add another layer of texture and colour and will pull your whole look together.

Add A Hat

Hats are the go-to accessory when it comes to streetwear. From beanies to buckets, you can’t go wrong with adding a hat to your outfit, no matter what you are wearing.

Try accessorising with a baseball cap in a bright colour or one that is in a different material to the rest of your outfit choices. Beanie hats look great with a more casual outfit – think hoodie or printed sweatshirt. There are very few outfits that can’t be improved with a hat.