More and more offices are adopting contemporary design trends and choosing open office design. Open offices allow employees to come together and collaborate over projects and assignments with ease. But open office designs have a downside. It doesn’t offer privacy to employees. However, by adding some office furniture to your workspace, you can have the best of both worlds. When renovating your office design, you should wisely choose the office furniture supplier. The furniture supplier should understand your requirements and be able to offer you the perfect solution.

In this blog, find out some ways to add privacy to an open office design.

Set Up Quiet Spaces

A report by CNBC has stated that over 58% of employees require quiet space to fulfill their office tasks. Your employees will want to escape from the noise and seek quiet. Adding a quiet space outside the office area, where your employees can go to relax, will help them de-stress from work and stay focused at work. You can divide this quiet section from the rest of the office area with a bookcase or other type of storage cabinets. This will help you create a private space in your office and add more storage space to your office.

Set Up Spaces for Teamwork

Before tweaking your office area, you should thoroughly scan your office. Doing so will help you understand what changes should be added to the office space. Every office should have a collaboration zone where their employees can come together and have a discussion over a project or idea. Having such an area ensures your employees can openly discuss their assignments without bothering or disturbing other teams or departments. Some office furniture supplier offer collaborative desk solutions besides conference tables.

The collaborative room should have more tables and chairs. When working in an open office, it’s common for workers to get easily distracted. Thus, when creating such space, be thoughtful when picking up any piece of furniture. The furniture should serve you the purpose and go well with the design theme of the office.

Add some green corner.

Besides furniture, planters can help you separate the workspaces and add a private area in the office. Moreover, you can quickly shift the planter or move it to elongate the space. Plants will also help you liven up your workspace and serve as an affordable divider.

Extensive studies have shown that plants in the office can help drop depression by 58% and also reduce fatigue in employees. In addition, plants are natural stress reliever and can improve the air quality of indoor spaces.

Play With Wall Colors

While office furniture can go a long way in dividing the workspace, changing the office’s colour scheme can also do the trick. There are plenty of colours that can provoke creativity and productivity in your employees. When changing the colours of the walls, first decide what kind of environment you want to create in your office. Also, ensure that the colour theme goes well with your office d├ęcor.

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