Everything to Know about the Combination Resume Format

Did you know that recruiters spend an average time of 6 seconds on looking at every resume they receive at the first place? Only the CVs that catch their eyes are then fully read. It means that even if the content is essential, it is important to create a well-presented CV in order to increase your chances of getting the reader’s attention. As far as the aesthetic aspect is concerned, you can simply use a quality online CV generator. For the presentation and the format, you have the choice between the chronological resume, the functional resume and the combination of both. Today, we are going to focus on the third option, the combination resume.

What is a Combination Resume?

As its name suggests, the combination CV combines the main characteristics of a chronological and a functional CV. In other words, it splits down the middle in order to make it possible to match the two types of curriculum vitae. When you create a professional resume online, know that it is certainly the most complete type of resume because it combines the most important attributes of the two other resume formats. Indeed, it takes the form of a chronological resume while highlighting the skills and achievements for each job held.

The Characteristics of a Combination Resume

It includes both a functional presentation of the skills and achievements that will be the most valuable for the employer and the reverse chronological presentation of the professional curriculum. Here is how you can build an effective combination CV:

  • The skills are presented in the first block. Then, the detailed and chronological list of occupied positions appears in a second block.
  • The professional resume takes the same form as a reverse chronological CV but each experience is described in two parts: job description and targeted skills.
  • The rest of the sections will be similar to a chronological CV.

Which Professional Career Is Suitable for the Combination Resume?

It is a type of resume that offers flexibility and creativity without compromising on precision. It can be suitable for candidates who have often changed jobs or temporary contracts but the career path has never been interrupted. It also allows the best adaptation to the targeted job. You can change the skills and the achievements section according to the job sought and keep the job history section as you wish. Moreover, a combination CV can be perfect for anyone who wants a creative and relevant CV.