Don’t forget these Skills When Writing Your CV

CV writing is never a ‘walk in the park’ task. Before you sit down to write, you think of all the skills and attributes you have. You think: GREAT! ‘I have lots of great qualities and skills.’ Then you begin writing, one paragraph in and you have nothing left to say about yourself. It’s not necessarily that you have no skills and qualities left, you just don’t appreciate the attractiveness of the skills you have forgotten about.


  1. Fire awareness training – Knowledge of relevant legislation, the impact of fire, fire and its chemistry, causes of fire, fire protection, escaping from fire, the responsibility of staff in the event of a fire, and fire extinguisher training are all admirable skills to read on a CV from an employer’s perspective. Knowledge of safety is incredibly important to employers. If you have also volunteered for extra training regarding fire awareness and other tasks which require a high level of responsibility, then this is a checklist tick in the mind of the person reading your CV.
  1. Fluency in a second language – In the UK, three in five people can’t speak a second language. Therefore if you’re bilingual then it’s an attribute which helps your CV stand out from its competitors. Some multinational companies and global companies really benefit from having employees who can speak other languages. Foreign language fluency offers prospective job opportunities in other countries. This unique talent can help secure you the job when you’re running up against people who otherwise have similar aptitudes and experience.
  2. First Aid Training – First aid training is a transferable skill, and its value is highly sought after in any line of work. Having a First aid certificate/qualification conveys your commitment to training and also shows a willingness to put yourself in a position of responsibility.
  3. Experience of training other colleagues –If your employer has asked you to train other colleagues then this indicates the level of trust that your employer has in your skills, knowledge and professionalism. Not every employee has the ability or patience to teach someone. Being chosen to support another colleague also shows likeability and teamwork within the workplace.



Enhance your CV in an instant by crediting yourself for worthy skills and experience that you already possess. And if you don’t happen to have these skills, think of other similar courses and skills you have which convey the same enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility to an employer. You are now aware of the importance and weight employers place on such skills for future reference.