Discover the Best Team Building Activities at the Calgary Escape Room Games

Escape Game has now opened everywhere. But before you brainstorm on one of the escape rooms, the team is keen to use its experience to give you some valuable advice. Good investigators have instincts but the best prepare for all eventualities.

Will you be the best player?

60 minutes is the time to escape from our rooms, and it can be very short. To optimize this time, it is better to be well informed. However, if you like the challenge that you want to fend for yourself and that the loss does not scare you, it is better not to continue reading this article because it could spoil your pleasure.

If not, be aware that there are several tips that will help you solve the riddles of escape games more easily. Attention, we specify that these tips only help and that this cannot guarantee your victory. Who knows what sadistic pitfalls will you give the masters of the game? For the team building activities Calgary these are the best deals for you now.

Collaborate, communicate, rate

Our first tip is rather a reminder of what an escape game is. Yes, keep in mind that these games are primarily cooperative. To succeed in riddles, collaboration and, consequently, communication are essential.

  • Have the reflex to transmit to your teammates all that you have discovered, even if this information seems useless to you. Indeed, this data may not help you solve your puzzle but may unlock that of your friend at the other end of the room.
  • If your friends are busy and do not listen, prefer writing. In general, there is always something to note in an escape game. Tableau, notebook, post-it, do not hesitate to use them.
  • Unless specified above, most escape rooms do not require special equipment or clothing. However, choose clothes and shoes in which you are comfortable and do not interfere with your movements. You can also discuss with your team to establish a strategy and assign tasks. For example, one of the main tasks will be to collect the keys and test them on the padlocks; another will be responsible for the cohesion of the group and the organization, taking care that everyone communicates his discoveries and brings together the objects.
  • Spread out to cover a maximum area, solve several puzzles in parallel and save time. Teamwork pays to solve the puzzle of an escape game.

Then, probably the most important tip and the most difficult to apply

Communicate with other players! Each one being dispersed in the room, busy with a task, it is not easy to get a good overview. Reflection is always better in a team. So with each discovery or success, announce it aloud, and listen carefully to what your comrades say. Someone may have found the object you desperately need!

The last tip, watch your watch

Indeed, an hour passes quickly, see too quickly when one tries to rein in an investigation or problem. So, pay attention to the time and count the minutes.

Escape60 is a great place for team building activities, they are located at the address: 1638 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J5 (Get directions), and Escape60’s phone number: +1 (587) 430-0880.