Cities of Top 7 most expensive Self-Storage Units

Presently the vast majority of the general population store their important ownership in self-storage spaces. In everyday life, self-storage plays an essential part in easing up lots of worry in people’s house. It has become popular in many major cities and will get more popularity by time in the future. At the side of becoming popular self-storage system also become expensive in many major cities. Top 7 cities with most expensive self-storage units are discussed here.


The world’s greatest city is additionally the most costly place on the planet to lease a self-storage unit. Units are normally alluded to as “trunk rooms” and sizes are estimated by the quantity of tatami mats that can fit in the space. Just the wealthy can manage the cost of expensive units in Tokyo. The least expensive 5 x 10 ft unit cost around 21,300 yen, which means $211 USD at the present conversion scale. Units close-by more restrictive neighborhoods like Ebisu and Azabu were around 50,000 – 58,000 yen for every month, or $495 – $574 USD.

New York

New York is a home of around 8.5 people and it’s likewise the most costly place in America to lease a storage unit. Yet, that shouldn’t come as a gigantic astonishing. Everything is more costly in New York. Unit costs run from around $100 every month in the Brooklyn region to $350 every month in the Chelsea neighborhood.


With 14.3 million occupants, Shanghai is the most thickly populated city in China. Lodging costs are additionally six times higher than anyplace else in China and the cost of the self-storage system in China are also high. In China units of self-storage system beginning around $165 every month and garnish out around $300.


The 1.8 million occupants of Zurich gloat an awe-inspiring normal pay of $87,000, with half of all inhabitants working at banks or venture firms. A 2-room loft in Switzerland’s biggest city costs around $4,300 USD. Capacity units begin at $155 and can cost up to $275.

Hong Kong

Space is fantastically costly in Hong Kong, the world’s fourth most thickly populated states. The city is likewise excessively well off. Self-storage is well known among the individuals who can manage the cost of it. A 5 x 10 ft stockpiling unit ranges from $103 to $377 every month.


Dubai is a home of 2.5 million people and what’s more, one out of each 100 individuals in Dubai is a millionaire. Obviously, millionaires require some place to store their toys, as well. Self-storage is regular in Dubai. You can hope to pay as much as $231 every month for a 5 x 10 ft unit in Dubai.


Miami is home to a significant number of the world’s wealthiest inhabitants. Obviously, with wealth comes a requirement for high-security storage. A portion of the world’s most ultra-secure auto and wine storage units are in Miami. For the less rich, 5 x 10 ft storage units in Miami run somewhere in the range of $100 to $250 every month.