Choosing Ceramic Floor and Kitchen Wall that Fit Your Home Style

A dream house needs a kitchen that suits your interior. A well-designed and functional kitchen makes residents enjoy family togetherness more.

A functional home kitchen has good air circulation to reduce the humidity of the room. Selection of the right kitchen wall tiles can determine the desired nuance. Here are what you should consider in selecting the right ceramic floor and kitchen walls.

Ceramic Kitchen Walls

Adjust the size of the kitchen wall tiles with the area of ​​the room. For a large kitchen, choose kitchen wall tiles in suitable proportion to create the impression of an attractive, neat and comfortable kitchen.

If your house is minimalist, a small kitchen can look more spacious by choosing the colorful ceramic walls with striped motifs. If you want to display a bright atmosphere, you can select ceramic wall tiles with puzzle and mosaic patterns.

Ceramic kitchen floor with natural stone motif

For those of you who have stainless steel kitchen sets, use kitchen floor tiles from natural stone because it can increase the natural beauty of the room. You can also combine this floor colour with various kinds of kitchen furniture.

Ceramic Kitchen Floor

Ceramic kitchen flooring has an appropriate design and also high safety. Kitchen floors can withstand spills of water, flour, oil or other slippery food ingredients. Choose ceramic kitchen floors that are not too shiny, textured, but easy to clean when dirty. Just like kitchen wall tiles, the area of ​​the room will determine which ceramic size is more suitable for use. Also, motifs and colours of kitchen ceramics determine the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Ceramic kitchen floor with wood pattern

Elegant wood motifs are always appropriate throughout the ages. This kitchen floor tile can display a modern impression with wooden furniture.

White Tiled kitchen flooring

This classic kitchen ceramic is never boring; also, it makes the kitchen seem clean and airy. You can use ceramics with elegant line motifs for a stronger impression.

Gray tiled kitchen flooring

Grey ceramic tiles are suitable if your kitchen is in an outdoor area of ​​the house. White or brown and modern furniture is suitable to complement the room, giving the impression of an elegant kitchen.