December 1, 2022

When the dry season arrives, then the temperature of tropical countries can be so high that the help of air conditioners or AC is needed. How to choose the best AC? The following are tips for buying a home air conditioner that needs to be applied.

1. Look for the Service Price Reference

One time, the AC will experience problems due to usage or age factors. So, it is very important for AC owners to be able to set aside a little money so that the service budget or buy a new AC still exists. Because if suddenly damaged and limited funds, it could be an opportunity to enjoy the AC can be lost or delayed. If you need the best AC service and repairing, you can call the HVAC Kenosha.

2. Buy an air conditioner that fits the size of the room

Every meter, a room requires an AC capacity of 600 BTU. So, the need for air conditioning can be measured by the area of ​​the room. Appropriate air conditioning will be able to support the application of various interior design concepts in the house because of the appearance that is cool.

3. Select a High EER Level for Lower Electric Power

If you know how to make an AC fan, then you won’t find the term EER that is specifically owned by the original AC. EER is the term for Energy Efficiency Ratio or energy efficiency ratio. So, you should buy an AC with a high EER level. Because of the higher level of efficiency, the lower the electric power. If the power used is limited, then the burden of bill costs can be minimized.

4. Adjust the Function of the Room with AC Capacity

Although related to size, but the function of the room also needs to be used as a reference for choosing AC. Because not all rooms need air in an always cold state. So the function of the air conditioner is to stabilize the air only because someone will spend more time in the room to sleep at night where the air tends to be cold.

5. Choose the AC that is Easy Installation and Maintenance

Choose AC that is easy in the installation process and its maintenance. Ease of installation is usually one of the facilities provided by the vendor. However, maintenance must be understood that not all electronics companies have service centers. It is highly recommended to choose an air conditioner whose brand already has many branches in various regions. Maybe if in a big city this can be slightly ignored.

6. Don’t turn off and turn on the AC carelessly

AC is not an electronic device that needs to be turned on and off like a lamp or an iron. AC has a slightly different way of working and this is quite influential on its use. Because this tool can automatically stop when the temperature is within a range of 22 to 24 degrees Celsius, the owner of the air conditioner simply adjust it without having to turn on and off.

7. Don’t Ignore Product Warranty

Electronic products generally have a manufacturer’s warranty for 1 to 3 years. Actually, if the goods are not refurbished products or the results of sort and use are normal then the owner of the air conditioner does not need to worry about its durability. However, even so, we still do not ignore the product warranty. Because this guarantee will later help ease the budget when problems occur. In addition to product warranties, some vendors also offer store warranties. If there are 2 types of warranty, of course, problems that could befall can feel lighter.

8. See Original Items or Choose a Trusted Online Shop

As much as possible take the time to buy the AC according to your choice. If you go to the location, there are some benefits such as being able to see the physical form of the air conditioner, getting an explanation of the pluses and minus specifications of the air conditioner, getting an explanation of how to clean the home air conditioner, comparing prices and other views and finally executing the purchase. Even if you buy directly the customer can get additional prizes such as wall hangings or other home trinkets.

This is different from if someone bought online. When buying items online, only catalogs are seen. Therefore, if you choose to buy AC online, of course, accuracy must be tightened. Choose a quality official online shop. Especially if there is a money-back guarantee if the items do not match, then, of course, this option will be very profitable.