7 Examples of Small Business Profitable & Worth Trying

The need for life is increasing every year, especially if you have school-age children, the need for sure will increase. Nowadays, all necessities are very expensive, that’s why you have to work harder to get more income to make ends meet. But please note that for those of you who work with other people, for example as public or private employees, factory employees, laborers and others, you will get a fixed monthly salary, so if the necessities of life continue to increase, you will always be short every month. Therefore, nowadays many people do small businesses that can be profitable, the goal is none other than making ends meet.

There are many people who run small businesses that have proven to be profitable, profitable, and even exceed their monthly salary. Here are 10 examples of profitable small businesses:

1. Laundry

If you have a house in a densely populated area and the majority of the residents are workers or students, then the most appropriate side business is laundry. Usually those who are busy working or studying do not have time to wash their own clothes, so they prefer to use laundry services. The capital that must be spent for this laundry business is buying a washing machine, clothes iron, perfume, and other supporting equipment.

2. Motorcycle & Car Wash

Washing motorbikes and cars is no less lucrative than laundry, especially if it is located on the side of a highway. Especially now that it is the rainy season, people will wash their motorbikes or cars more often because they get dirty quickly, especially for those who are busy working or studying.

3. Online Bill Payment

Now all payments are made online, starting from electricity bills, PDAM, Internet, telephone, vehicle installments, and others, are made online. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you can get substantial additional income. You only need to put the banner “Accepting Online Payment Services” in front of the house, then customers will come. For capital, you can use your laptop or computer plus a modem and printer.

4. Product Reseller

This reseller business is the best choice to pursue because it is relatively small in terms of capital and can be used as a side business. You only need to use a smartphone to be able to run this business, especially now that it is supported by cheap and easy Internet access. In order to run a reseller business for this product, you must first register with a product agent, then promote the product to relatives, friends, and colleagues until a sale occurs. Products that are currently in demand are mostly from fashion and herbal products.

5. Coffee Shop

If the location of your house is on the side of the road or near public facilities, you can try to set up a coffee shop. For a relatively small amount of capital, you only need to buy a few coffees and a few packaged drinks that many customers like. When viewed it is trivial, but if you look deeper, the benefits of a cup of coffee can be half. To add to the completeness of the coffee shop, you can add some snacks and fried foods.

6. Business selling fruit juices

The tropical climate in Indonesia is an opportunity that can bring benefits. To start selling fruit juices, you only need to have a blender machine, fruit, and a few other supporting equipment. For more variety, you can also add some sachets and light snacks for children.

7. Cut Hair

The haircut business provides promising benefits, as long as human hair is still growing on the head, the haircut business will never lose customers. Especially those of you who have expertise in the haircut field, you have a greater chance of success. For the capital spent to start this haircut business is relatively small, with only a mirror, comb, scissors, and hair clippers, you can generate income. For the location, try to be on the side of a busy road and close to residential areas so that more customers come.

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