40th Birthday Party Ideas

A person 40th birthday is time to look back and to look forward to a best new chapter! Enjoy someone’s 40th birthday with a thrill! With the best decoration, planning and activities – you can put combine a 40th birthday party your birthday honoree will bear in mind for the next forty years.


Have a 40th birthday banner to sign in the entry way. Having the forty birthday cascades or swirls from the ceiling and decorate the walls with the 40th birthday banners, photos and balloons of the birthday girl/boy. For an extra touch, include a disco ball or 2. Spread a table with 40th birthday cups, plates, and napkins and a big photo of the 40th birthday honoree as a centerpiece.


A 40th birthday party can be celebrated as a group of friends or family gathering. Make it a 40th birthday luncheon or a unique evening. A football theme for guys birthdays is awesome and especially on game day when you can have hot Denver strippers in Colorado come dressed up as cheerleaders to deliver your friend’s birthday present or jump out of a cake to dance for him. Just be sure you have lots of area for colorful decoration and room for games, fun and dancing. Go with a disco theme for someone born in the 70s and have all your visitors dress accordingly. Have a disco contest to view who has the top John Travolta movies. Or may be a pretty karaoke with 70s hits. Find a couple pair of platform shoes and have a 3 legged race. Filling a bag with 70s outfit and dividing your guests into teams. Each person on a team has to run to the bag, put all the dresses on, take them off again, and run back and tag the next person.

Can you guess?

Put several little items that relate to the birthday girl/boy into a brown paper bag (a favorite running shoes, knitting needles, favorite book, measuring cup – if he/she likes to cook, i.e.) Blindfold one person and had them one of the bag items. Given them a few seconds to guess what the item is. If you are unproductive they are out. Then blindfold the next person and have him/her try to guess another bag object. The game is over when all things have been identified or just one person remains in the game.

Party-ing gifts

Send your guests house with a 40th birthday can bar featuring a personalized message from you! Help your buddy to remember their first 40th birthday with a birthday party to remember.