Why Cloud-Based Technologies Are Still The Tangible Future Of Technology

If there’s one piece of technology which is still moving strongly in a busy marketplace, that’d definitely be cloud-based architectures. The usage of the cloud has moved from simple storage purposes to having complex architectures being fully available for users. In 2019, the cloud industry has driven the vast majority of app development and software development as a whole. With this being said, let’s analyse a couple of cloud-based architectures which are very likely to impact the world of business as we know it.

AWS: An Industry Standard For Data

Amazon Web Services has been the industry standard in regards to data. Companies which were both relying on data lakes and data warehousing, two of the most common data science-related architectures have all been operating on cloud-based services, proving how consistent and powerful the usage of cloud architectures has been in the recent past.

With this being said, data and cloud could also mean security breaches, but, with modern cyber tools, this has become quite an obsolete problem.

Gaming And Hardware: The Future Is Cloud

From app developers to big enterprises within the gaming sector, everyone has been pointing out how gaming, especially on PC and in the nearest future, will only require a monitor and a connection to the internet. Companies like NVidia, for example, have been releasing a lot of different cloud-based services for their improved graphics cards, sometimes even full machines. With such strong signals, it’s quite easy to understand how cloud gaming will eventually become a thing in the nearest future.

Fully Automated Cloud

The power of the cloud is that it’s a blank canvas, naturally ready for other big, impactful tasks. With this in mind, and with the current level of architectures mentioned above, it will be easy to use automated features such as machine, deep and automatic learning with big, bulky data. Examples like robots management within big warehouses will definitely become bigger and bigger in the nearest future, given how big companies are moving their steps in optimising their pieces of software onto cloud-oriented features.

To Conclude

The cloud as a whole is still one of the most powerful, impactful pieces of technology in the world. With dozens, if not thousands of companies approaching or optimising the matter, it will be quite easy to see further growth in the nearest future.