What Is Cultural Fit and Why Is It Important?

Businesses, like humans, have personalities. Business culture is the personality of the business. More and more HR managers and business managers recognise the advantages of recruiting candidates based on whether or not their personalities and business attributes match the beliefs, attitudes and values of their organisation.

In this article, you will learn what is cultural fit and why is it so important in business.

What Is Cultural Fit?

Cultural fit is matching new employees with business culture.

Firstly, what is business culture? A business culture refers to the collection of beliefs and values that determines how the founders, management, staff and employees of a company interact and perform within the workplace.

Individual personalities vary from person to person. Similarly, business cultures vary from business to business. Some individuals can fit into a specific set of business beliefs and values and working environments. But the same people cannot fit into other business beliefs and values and working environments.

It might seem simple. You, however, have to understand that businesses do not have to recruit identical employees. Cultural fit does not mean discriminating against diversity. In fact, a diverse workforce is the heart of a good company culture.

Employees need to embrace the company culture of their organisation. If the organisation has a collaborative approach in the workplace, then the employees must be able to work well together. But if an individual prefers to work on their own, then they are not the best fit for this organisation.

If you want to enrich your business culture, do not build a workforce with employees who act, think and even look the same way.

If you want your employees to thrive in your organisation, then they must feel connected to your organisation’s values and click naturally with all of the nuances of your business culture.

Why Is Cultural Fit So Important?

There is a lot of confusion about hiring for cultural fit in the world of business. Many HR Advisors recruitment processes will consider cultural fit when hiring new team members which can make it a crucial element when adding to your team.

The following are the reasons to hire for cultural fit:

Retain Your Employees

Many employees spend around a third of their lives in their workplaces. So, you have to ensure your staff feels happy and connected in your workplace.

Cultural fit can help you retain your employees.

If some employees do not mesh well with your organisation’s values, they will never be satisfied in your workplace. In fact, they are more likely to create a toxic workplace. And they will leave in the end.

Improve Employee Engagement

If your employee’s values and beliefs are in tune with your company’s values and beliefs, they may work hard and remain loyal to your company in the long term.

If an employee’s personality matches their job, the employee is more likely to feel more confident and competent. So, cultural fit can help improve engagement.

Improve Productivity and Performance

If you have a strong company culture and your employees believe in your values and business goals, your employees are more likely to be productive.


If your team works together to achieve your organisation’s goals, your team will function better. So, hiring for cultural fit ensures that your employees are aligned to achieve the same goals.

It is also easy to resolve personal and professional differences. This is because a committed team understands their individual roles in achieving your business goals.

Improve Communication

If you have a strong company culture and collaborative work approach, then you need to improve communication. Fortunately, employees can easily communicate when values are in alignment.

Company culture is key to business success. It can help improve productivity, performance and employee engagement. If your workers identify more with your company, they will be happier, satisfied and more committed. Additionally, they are more likely to perform better and stay with your company.