What Do You Eat with Pauillac Wine?

Pauillac is one of the smallest areas of the French Bordeaux region. On the other hand, even if it extends only over 12 square km of vines, it produces the greatest wines of Bordeaux. We can even say that this is where the finest wines in the world come from. Everything the Pauillac region owns is reminiscent of good wine. In this article, we are going to see the best dishes to eat with Pauillac wine.

Pheasant Terrine

It is an aperitif of French origin that goes perfectly well with a Pauillac wine. Find the recipe that suits you best and enjoy it with your luxury wine. In particular, you can opt for a pheasant terrine with hazelnuts, foie gras, porcini mushrooms, candied garlic, etc. Whatever your choice, you will enjoy the dish with your Pauillac wine. Pheasant meat has much more flavor than chicken and delights the taste buds. It is an ideal aperitif for evenings with friends or colleagues.

Roast Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl is often cooked roasted in the oven, at the center of many festive recipes or simply served traditionally on weekends. Poultry recipes are known to bring people together and always make tables look very well presented. It might seem simple to cook your guinea fowl when you know your oven well, and yet, little tips can really make all the difference and make it the perfect pair for Pauillac wine. Bake your guinea fowl at 200°C for 45 minutes in the oven to get a good texture and the perfect taste.

Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras

Located in the lumbar region, beef tenderloin is an extremely tender cut that can be bought whole to be eaten as a roast, or sliced to cook steaks and tournedos. It can be a local food which you can find at any butcher. On the other hand, foie gras is a luxury dish that matches perfectly with a luxury beverage like Pauillac wine. It is also known as the favorite dish of the French people. The mixture of beef tenderloin and foie gras creates a delicious meal to be paired with a red Bordeaux wine.

These are our best suggestions for food pairing with Pauillac wine. You can try other recipes. In general, this type of wine goes very well with red meats, game, fish, tomato, fried eggs and cheeses. You can even drink Pauillac wine with some delicious pizzas.