Ways to Create a Culture of Trust and Productivity in Remote Teams

Modern workplaces are changing and employees are no longer confined to the four office walls to get their work done every day. Now, around 70{55130b0351cebf3b2ab63424f5ee3bf947104123507da05f859944311bed0351} of working professionals are allowed to spend at least one day working remotely. When geography and time zones are no longer a barrier, it won’t be long until this is a standardised way of working across the board. So, when your team are working so remotely, how can you keep communication levels high? Below are some ways to create a culture of trust and productivity in remote teams:

Set Clear Objectives

Setting clear goals and objectives ensures that all your employees are working to one defined target. Create a document detailing each goal and circulate this with the rest of the team. You should also assign different roles for each employee, so that the others are aware of who to contact regarding different elements of the task. For example, if one employee is liaising with immigration solicitors and another needs access to some important documents, they know which colleague to get in touch with.

Use Amazing Tools to Maximise Communication

Undoubtedly, communication in teams working remotely is crucial. To allow for as seamless communication as possible, you should be equipping your team with the best tools for the job. There are various different tools that aim to improve communication and organisation. Trello and Asana are often used by businesses who often manage big projects.

Provide Frequent Feedback

It’s important to check in every now and again with your employees. Not only does this give you a good idea of how they’re getting on with the work, but it’s also an opportunity for them to feedback any information or qualms. During these one-on-one conversations, you’ll be able to gauge whether the individual is still aligned with the company’s goals and address the smaller concerns before they escalate into larger ones.

Keep Things Fun

Working remotely is a privilege for many. However, it can also be rather lonely for some employees unless they’ve submitted a spouse visa application for their partner to join them. Consider organising a company away day to get staff to take part in fun teambuilding exercises. Whether this is a monthly treat or a bigger getaway one or twice a year, it’s always a good idea to join together for fun activities. Other elements of fun should also be incorporated into employees everyday life. Things such as sending out birthday cards and gifts, providing meditation spaces and dress-down Fridays can make a huge different for morale.