Tips on How to Design Your Conservatory

Step 1: Check If You Need Planning Regulations

The first step involves checking if any planning permission regulations will apply to your conservatory construction. In general, you won’t need to apply for planning permission to construct a conservatory, yet these regulations provide an overview of what you are allowed to build before these planning permission regulations will apply.

If you are unsure where you currently stand when it comes to planning permissions, you can contact one of our experienced and professional conservatory designers here at Home Logic to assist you through these processes.

Step 2: Choose the Right Spot

Once you understand what you will be allowed to build, the next step involves designing your conservatory, which will start with finding the right spot. Where the conservatory is built will factor largely on the type of environment you will get out of this room. For example, north-facing conservatories are slightly more shaded, while south-facing conservatories are better for full sun exposure.

You might not be in control of where on the property you will be able to build your conservatory, so try not to stress too much when you cannot get the desired location for the structure.

There are other ways to ensure your conservatory looks and feel amazing, whether is not the shape you wanted, the structure is small, or it is facing in the wrong direction.

Step 3: Choose Your Favourite Style for a Conservatory

The next step involves choosing a conservatory style. Today, there is a varied selection on offer. Modern conservatories offer a range of variations when compared to traditional options. You can also have a truly bespoke design that can allow your creative juices to flow.

When it comes to the more classical options for conservatories that complement traditional homes perfectly, there are several options available such as:

    • Edwardian
    • Victorian
    • Lean-To
    • Gable

Traditional, bespoke, or modern, you can be sure to find the perfect design that matches the age or style of your home or property.

Step 4: Choose a Roof and the Glazing Type

Even though conservatories traditionally feature glass roofs, it is not the only choice these days! The advancements in the latest conservatory designs now mean you have a lot more options when it comes to the walls and roof of a conservatory.

Modern glazing has surpassed double-glazing to now offer an option of high energy-efficient triple-glazing. There are also other glazing types that are specially designed to enhance and improve your conservatory.

If you are not into glazing, you can also choose other alternatives such as polycarbonate or solid roofing. This can change the outside appearance of your structure even more.

Step 5: Research Different Design Options

Purchasing conservatories today has turned into almost endless choices for design. This means you no longer have to settle for “off-the-shelf” standard conservatory options.

There is also the option to choose from different colours for your conservatory, furnishings, framing materials, wood replacement windows, and even various door types. You can even take one of the traditional conservatories and tailor it so that it matches your precise needs.

You can install a conservatory with metal and wood frames or you can achieve something that looks similar with durable and sturdy uPVC, which comes in a range of different styles and colours. You can choose large doors for seamless integration, or a classic style for a more traditional look.

From the style of the door to the contours of each frame, you can choose the design for each part of the structure so that it works well for you and your home.