Meeting rooms are an important part of work for the company or office. The meeting room

offers many useful functions for business people, including organizing meetings, holding special events for institutions or companies, seminars, and other important events.

If your office or company agency already has a meeting room, you and the team member will only in charge of preparing the room only need to arrange the available meeting rooms. But if your company doesn’t have a meeting room like an online business, renting Meeting Room Patong is the right solution.

Before renting a meeting room, there are things to consider in choosing a meeting room. Things that must be considered include location, funds, and number of participants who will attend the meeting. All these things must be considered before you decide to rent a Meeting Room.

Every business owner certainly hopes that the event can run smoothly and following expectations. For that, a careful preparation need to be done. Many factors can cause an event to fail. In daily practice, some situations can cause events to fail such as miscommunication of schedule between the meeting room provider and the organizer, unknown additional costs for certain facilities, traffic jams to the meeting location, and technical errors in electronic devices when event held.

Many considerations in choosing a room often makes you feel confused. So that the event that you are planning can run perfectly.

Space capacity is also important to be adjusted to the number of meeting participants. Space that is too wide with a small number of participants will certainly cost you a lot. If you are looking for an exclusive meeting room for companies, meeting rooms at Novotel Vintage Park can be the right choice because they have everything you need and a delightful location close to Patong Beach.

Here is a room that you can rent at Novotel Vintage Park

Meeting room name Theater U-shaped room Meeting room Classroom Banquet hall Height Surface
BALLROOM 320 140 140 210 320 4 m 340 m²
13 ft 3659 sq. ft.
CORAL 110 40 40 60 110 4 m 140 m²
13 ft 1506 sq. ft.
AQUAMARINE 100 40 40 50 100 4 m 100 m²
13 ft 1076 sq. ft.
PEARL 50 80 40 50 50 4 m 100 m²
13 ft 1076 sq. ft.
TURQUOISE 20 16 14 15 20 3 m 32 m²
10 ft 344 sq. ft.

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