These are the mandatory Biker Equipment before driving

before making a fairly long journey, make sure you already use mandatory equipment such as helmets, don’t forget to also wear elbow and knee protectors, bicycle shoes and jackets to increase your safety in driving.

By buying driving equipment on motorcycle wheels, you have minimized situations when affected, such as falls and so on. You have not suffered a serious injury. At present, Wheels Motorcycles offers motorbike clothing sale at discounts of up to 60{55130b0351cebf3b2ab63424f5ee3bf947104123507da05f859944311bed0351}. Then whatever,

Mandatory equipment that must be used by motorcycle riders is as follows:

Standard Helmet

One of the tools that must be used to protect the head when driving is a helmet, it is recommended to use a full-face helmet if you don’t have a half-face, that’s fine. Using a helmet is mandatory, so don’t ignore this one, okay?

Comfortable jacket

Mandatory equipment that must be worn by bikers when driving is a jacket that has the main function of protecting themselves from the weather such as the scorching heat of the sun and when it rains. For the type of jacket itself, choose a jacket made of leather or the like and waterproof, also make sure the jacket is woven like a net and so on that serves to regulate air circulation.

Leg & Knee Protector

Furthermore, the mandatory device that should be used is the elbow and knee protectors, because by using these two tools if one day things happen that are not wanted (accident, fall, etc.) you are not injured in the elbows and knees, usually both of these parts reflexively support the body when it is falling.


The next mandatory equipment is gloves or glove, the function of these gloves is to minimize the occurrence of hand slips when holding the steering handlebar.

Biker Shoes

The last equipment that you must use when driving is biker shoes, if you don’t have any it’s okay, you can still use ordinary shoes. The function of these shoes is to prevent foot injuries if you fall, protect your feet from the engine’s heat, and that’s why these biker shoes are designed to be higher to cover the rider’s ankles.

Using all the mandatory equipment above does not require a long time, approximately 5 to 8 minutes to use it. Remember, prioritize SAFETY in driving.