Marriage is a moment that happens once in a lifetime. Marriage is also a moment for someone to live a new life. Therefore many people want a memorable wedding.

Marriage at the beach much loved by couples who will get married. It is because a wedding on the beach does have its uniqueness. The sun’s rays, the sound of the waves, and the sweet smell of the seawater add to the impression of true romance.

Well, here are some things you should know before holding a wedding on the beach:

1. Location Reservations

Having a wedding on the beach is something that must prepare. For example, Koh Samui Beach, What You must to do? Survey the beach first. To make it easier, after the survey, you can look for hotels that usually provide beach wedding packages. Because usually, the hotel has a special package for weddings. One of which is Novotel Samui Resort, Novotel Samui Resort offers wedding venue koh samui at an affordable price.

2. Wedding Dress

For a wedding with the theme of Beach, choose dresses that are used are quite simple but elegant. So you don’t need to spend excess budget.

3. Ensure Vendor Readiness

After determining the wedding date and location to hold the wedding, immediately ensure the readiness of the vendors. Sometimes you have to check the preparation several times. However, if you don’t want to worry about problems in choosing a wedding venue, you can rent a wedding venue at Novotel Samui Resort. Novotel Samui Resort offers wedding packages, including:

• Stay one night in a Deluxe Beachside room

• Wedding decoration arrangements & catering

• procurement of lantern ceremonies (khom loy) for couples

• Free pickup, etc.

Use Venue services from Novotel Samui Resort will help to handle all your wedding preparations. Immediately contact Novotel Samui Resort at number +66 77 428 888 and explain the concept you want.

4. Decoration inspiration

It’s essential to look for detailed references for the wedding decorations that you want. Visit several websites about weddings to find some decorating inspiration. To save money, you can use simple and affordable decoration details. Always think about your taste and budget.

Now, start planning and imagining the dream wedding party. The more you get inspiration and do careful planning, the more successful of your wedding.