Khaosan Road, Bacpaker’s Paradise in Bangkok

Today, Khao San is known as a backpacker’s paradise in Bangkok. What makes this 410-meter long road attract backpackers and other tourists in general? Let’s get to know Khao San Road from here.

Khao San Road is different compared to other roads in Bangkok. There are various cheap lodging, middle-class lodging, multiple restaurants, massage places, book shops, tattoo shops, souvenir shops along this street. In this road, there is a Bacpaker-style lodging called Ibis Styles Bangkok. With affordable prices, you can enjoy the luxurious facilities there. Located in front of the Huwai Khwang MRT Station, you can go anywhere quickly if you stay at this hotel.

This hotel offered various facilities needed by backpackers and budget travelers. Interestingly, you can get these multiple facilities at very, very friendly prices.

On Khao San, you can find various travel agents who can help plan your travel agenda in Bangkok or other cities in Thailand.

Meanwhile, if you suddenly want to travel to another country, you can also buy many tickets at the travel agent (even able to helps arrange a visa). You can get all of it at such an affordable price — that why Khao San is suitable for backpackers and budget travelers.

Khao San is only about 1 kilometer from the old city area of ​​Bangkok. Some of the most popular attractions in Bangkok – such as the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and the Bangkok National Museum – are located within walking distance.

So, Khao San is an ideal place to stay for those who want to visit the old city or see a variety of other attractions that are located not far from the old town.

Last but not least, Khao San is also famous for its lively nightlife. This street has several nightclubs and bars that can make visitors happy. Not only that, the night walk on Khao San at night was quite lively.

Food vendors will flock to open kiosks on the street and attract pedestrians to visit their place. Sometimes, some tourists buy various alcoholic drinks from the local mini-market. They then hold their own party on the streets, making the night atmosphere on Khao San best known with the word ‘festive.’