How to Become a Doctor

Learning how to become a doctor is something that many people look into, only to realize that the field really won’t be a good match for them. It’s a long, challenging and often daunting process, but if this is something that you want to do for your career, then it will all make itself worthwhile. Being a doctor is a rewarding career where you get to help people each and every day, and of course, the financial rewards are great as well, and you get the respect that comes with being in such a prestigious field. Use this guide to gain a basic understanding of how to become a doctor.
The number 1 thing on your list for how to become a doctor has to be begin focusing on your studies and getting good grades. It doesn’t matter what stage of the game you’re at right now, it’s never too early. Becoming a doctor is extremely competitive, and when you want to gain admission to a high quality pre-med program, and then a high quality med school, you need to have the credentials and the track record to make it happen.
Being a great doctor incorporates many different skills and all types of education. At an early stage, you can begin embracing the sciences, including anatomy and biology and other related coursework. This will give you a basic background that will help you as you start off with your bachelors level pre-med program. It’s not a requirement that you go pre-med with a bachelors if you plan on becoming a doctor, however, it’s the easiest path, and will help with admission to med schools.
Like all bachelors programs, pre-med degrees will take about four years to complete. After admission to the medical school of your choice, your postgraduate work there will take at least another four years. The first few years of med school are standard courses and education that all types of doctors receive. After a few years, you have to choose your specific discipline and then branch out to expand your studies in those areas.
After graduating, you’re not done with the journey for how to become a doctor yet. Your formal education may be done, but you still have a lot of work to do in the form of your residency program. Residencies are basically intensive on the job training programs which bridge your educational track to your full professional stage. Residencies can take anywhere from three years to eight years depending on what you’re interested in doing.
In the case of the former, that’s an 11-year journey from the beginning of college until you’re a doctor, and that’s if there were no pauses. In the latter case, it’s 16 years from start to finish. So it’s by no means an easy journey, but the pay off both intrinsically and financially will be there waiting for you at the end if you make it. If you’ve seen how to become a doctor and you’re ready to get started, clearly there’s no time to waste.
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