Here Are 5 Inspirational Pyramid Roof Designs You Can Use!

The shape of the roof is an important element in the composition of the building because the shape of the roof has a major influence on the final shape of the building. If you are looking for an expert and professional roofing services, just call the roofing contractors Appleton Wi. There are many alternative forms of the roof that you can try, one of which is the pyramid roof. Pyramid roof itself is one type of roofing that is quite commercial and is often used.

The pyramid roof is also known as the roof shield is a refinement of the gable roof which consists of two trapezoidal inclined planes. Although it looks more proportional than a gable roof, a pyramid roof is considered to be more complicated in the manufacturing process and also requires a significant cost.

The weakness of the shape of the pyramid roof is a higher risk of leaking compared to the saddle roof shape model. But with the right tilt angle, the pyramid roof model is able to protect building structures better than extreme weather, so the pyramid roof is very suitable for use in tropical Indonesia. This helps minimize damage to building structures.

In addition, the shape of the pyramid roof can also be created into various attractive roofing models. As in the following interesting pyramid roof design creations!

Half Open Pyramid Roof Design

The pyramid-shaped roof model is identical to the conventional and mainstream forms. However, the design of this pyramid roof actually makes the simplicity of the pyramid shape a modern element of anti-mainstream, as well as functional.

With a half-open roof design, this residence makes some of the pyramid formations on the roof an open balcony space by separating the half-open roof from the glass partition so that outdoor panoramas can also be enjoyed from inside the space under the roof.

Vintage Pyramid Roof Design

One model of the pyramid roof that is quite popular in western classical architecture is the end that is not bent down to the very bottom. You can apply this pyramid roof design to get a warm vintage impression on the look of your classic home model. The pyramid model on the roof like this one also reminds you of farmhouses that are generally found in Europe and America.

Square Pyramid Roof Design

Although the basic shape of the pyramid roof is square, it does not mean that it prevents you from realizing the pyramid formation on the roof with other models such as square six or square eight. This formation is also often seen on the roofs of western classical houses.

Even though it looks more attractive, the application of the pyramid-shaped roof formation like this must be very thorough and careful, because the roof like this has a greater risk of leaking due to the many connections both on the structure and roof material.

Mediterranean Style Pyramid Roof Design

The pyramid roof model is also often used in Mediterranean house-style buildings. In Mediterranean style, material from the roof generally uses material with earthy-tone colors.

The shape of the entire roof also varies and is generally a combination of the shape of a common pyramid, the shape of a pyramid which cones with the shape of a rectangular or rectangular base. The composition of the pyramid roof like this is one of the favorites in Indonesia because it makes the pyramid formation still dynamic and attractive.

Oriental Style Pyramid Roof Design

You can also design a pyramid roof with oriental nuances by making it slightly more curved. To make the architecture of the building still look modern even though it is oriental-style, you can minimize the decorative elements on the roof and focus on the arches on the roof.

Pyramid formations like this are more widely used for resort or commercial residentials than residential houses in general.

Many are not design creations that you can get from the Pyramid roof model? Don’t forget, in designing a roof, always pay attention to the proportion of the size of the roof with the main building where for the pyramid model, the slope angle of the roof will greatly affect the proportion of the roof design.

Have you found what kind of pyramid roof design model is suitable for your dream occupancy?