Get Inner Peace with Exploring Religious Tourist Attractions in Thailand

If you want to know more about the diversity of beliefs from Thailand, exploring religious tourist attractions is one of the ways. Thailand is known as a Buddhist land and a land of pagodas (many temple buildings that are hundreds of years old are still maintained today). It might sound a little strange to hear by visitors that Thailand has a holy place like a historic cathedral building.

Residents have a habit of using the holy place not only to pray but also as a place of pilgrimage in Thailand. Make sure your special holiday in Thailand is more memorable by staying Sukhumvit Hotel Aetas Bangkok. This hotel is one of the best accommodations that you can choose for your stay. In Thailand, you can find various kinds of religious tourism which can make you the person who appreciates and respect the beliefs of other religions. This could start a peace living by emphasizing religious tolerance.

Stopping at an old mosque in Muslim village

Vacationing in Thailand does not stop travelers from being able to experience the uniqueness of religious tourism visiting worship place. One of the worship places in Thailand is Tonson Mosque. This oldest mosque is located on Wang Doem Road, in the capital of Thailand, which was built before the rule of King Song Tham. As a Muslim worship building in Bangkok, The

Tonson Mosque is famous for its architecture. The Tonson Mosque is unique because not only for places of worship but this building is also an ancient Muslim heritage in Thailand that becomes a special burial place, such as Muslim figures to prominent scholars. For those of you who are Muslims, you can use Tonson as a place of worship in the afternoon and evening along with native worshipers from Muslim villages.

Visit the glory temple of the ancient capital of Thailand

Ayutthaya used to become Thai capital but now this place is one of the tourist attractions in Thailand that is visited by many foreign tourists. Wat Phra Si Sanphet is a temple built in complex inside the kingdom which used by King Ayutthaya as a place of prayer.

The first temple structure was built in the 14th century. Then, another temple is added in the 17th century known as the Ayutthaya Kings structure. The temple restoration continued until 1767 when Wat Phra Si Sanphet experience destruction from war with the Burmese army and only left three stupas from the temple buildings.