Dear Mom, The Following Basic Furniture Should Be In Your Child’s Private Room

Are you still confused about what furniture you need for your child’s room? No need to worry, here are the types of furniture that you should choose to complete your child’s room.


The bed is the main part of your child’s bedroom. Choose a bed with a size that suits your child’s age. A good bed is not too big but also not too small. Please do not choose a bed with a sharp angle because it will risk hurting your child’s body.

Mattresses and Pillows

Mattresses and pillows are complementary to the bed. The choice of pillows and cushions needs a lot of consideration. Choose soft mattresses and pillows. Please pay attention to the size of the pillow, adjust it to the size of your child’s neck. Pillows that are too hard and too big could harm a child’s neck. Don’t forget to cover your mattress and pillow with a bedcover made from cotton fabric because this type of fabric has a fine texture, feels cold, and is comfortable.


If your child is at school age, a learning desk is furniture that he needs. By providing a study table in his private room, it means that you will also teach him to be more independent and responsible. You still have to guide him during learning, and providing children with a learning desk will encourage children to understand the responsibilities they have as students. To make children excited about learning, you can choose a cute desk with colors according to what your child likes.


In addition to a desk, you should also provide a wardrobe. Your child will learn to be responsible for his clothes. You could help to fold and arrange them if necessary. Currently, there are many cabinets available with various models and various colors your children would love.

The thing you need to consider in choosing furniture for your child is their safety and comfort. GoCorp can be your reference for choosing furniture for your child, especially those who are in school. You can access the collection through