Create a Good Company Name

For most entrepreneurs today; making a company name is something that is important and very carefully considered. From this name the type of products and services the company will be known by the public. It will represent the company’s built-in character, an identity to differentiate it from other companies, into a guarantee of the quality of goods or services, and can show where the goods or services come from.

Searching for a company name is almost as important as finding a name for a newborn baby. In it there are many hopes, prayers and ideals, it is no wonder if in making a name not a few entrepreneurs who are still considering hockey and fortune. If you would like to know more information about Company Corporation, please visit as your reference.

There are many ways to give birth to a good company name; here are tips on making it:

1. Using short words

Make a company name would be better if using a short word, solid and clear. 1 (one) to 4 (four) syllables is strongly recommended, if more than four syllables can use an acronym so the name can be shorter. The use of this shorter word aims to be more easily remembered and spoken by anyone who will use the company’s products or services. The shorter the name of the company the better. Brands with these short words will usually be introduced through a logo that is spread through the media campaign.

Introducing a company name with shorter syllables has many advantages, one of which can be a practical promotional tool. People will have no trouble calling the brand when it comes to chatting, either to remember it or to pronounce it. Keep in mind that word of mouth promotion is one of the most effective promotional processes.

2. Name is easy to write

In addition to the company name easy to remember and pronounce, it would be better if the name is also easy to write. Not a few consumers who recommend a brand through writing, either via SMS, BBM, email or other written media. By using a name that is easy to write will greatly help consumers and marketers in spreading the company’s name to others.

3. Able to create an impression on the company name

Being able to create a unique impression when others read or hear the name of the company can be one way to steal the attention of potential customers. After being able to steal the attention of consumers the next process can build for potential customers have a strong interest to know what and how the products offered by the company.

4. Have a story behind the name

The story behind the name of the company can indirectly become a media campaign, a name that is able to attract attention will usually be able to “force” those who hear and see the name of the company to talk about it. The more people talk about the better; the effect is automatically the company’s name is getting popular in the community.

Curious with the company’s name is often one way to get other people’s attention to ask questions. The name will usually be the subject of questions and chats with business partners and consumers. They will usually wonder about the meaning and the story behind the company’s name being made.

To string the story, usually the company gives the name will be adjusted to the philosophy that is in the company. For the pioneer of business, the company’s name is usually very personal, can be lifted from the story of his struggle, his personal expectations, or taken from one of the names of his family members he cares the most.