7 Ways to Prevent a short circuit at Home!

An electrical short circuit is not only dangerous for residents of the house but also for those around them. Why?

 An electrical short circuit can cause sparks, internal cable burns, and creating a fire.

What is an electrical short circuit? How could it be a fire? For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, we will discuss everything about electrical short circuit below

electrical damage resulting in a huge flow of Electricity. If left untreated, it can cause an explosion and fire.

The cause of the electrical short circuit is quite diverse. The most common cause is human negligence, such as connecting a cable that does not comply with applicable regulations. Besides, it could be because the power cable peels off and causes the voltage line to stick to the neutral channel.

Electricity is indeed essential in daily needs, but you should know that excessive use without proper supervision will create disasters, such as an electrical short circuit. Imagine if this short circuit occurs in your home, and there is a fire afterward. Very dangerous.

Well, to prevent an electrical short circuit at home, you need to understand it first.

follow these 7 Ways to Prevent Electricity shortcircuit at Home

1. Do not tamper with or connect directly (bypass) both fuse and Mini safety equipment เซอร์กิต เบรกเกอร์ (Circuit Breaker).

2. Do not overload the plug, because it has the potential to cause excessive heat which can cause a fire.

3. Use quality electrical equipment. Please do not choose the low price; it may have low quality

4. Do not allow the plugs of equipment such as TVs, to stay in the socket for a long time.

5. Avoid using plugs that are too loose.

6. Please leave it to the official installer for new installations or add electrical installations in the house or building.

7. Check the electrical installation of buildings regularly, more or less after ten years and then five years.