7 Benefits of buying a demo car: what you need to know

Buying a car – no matter its condition – is an exhilarating experience. Whether it’s a sparkling new hot hatch or a stylish classic from the 1980s with a few scratches and a torn-up back seat, you’ve made your investment and that’s what counts.

But what about demo cars?

If you’re on the hunt for a new car but don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts on a new model that will basically lose most of its value after the first week of driving, it’s about time you took a look at what demo cars Perth has to offer.

Hold up. What is a demo car?

A demo car is a vehicle used by a dealership to demonstrate to potential customers (that’s you) how the car runs and what features it has. Typically, they’ll have most of the features packed in as they want to impress prospects with everything that the car can do.

You’ll often find that demo cars have the higher trim leather seating, dual climate control, heated seats, sunroof, and better engine – basically the works. The catch? Well, these cars can’t stay demo cars forever. Once they’ve served their time – it’s up for grabs. That’s a demo car.

1. Demo cars are cheaper than buying new

You heard it right. Demo cars are much more affordable than any new car of the same make and model. Having reached their limit as a demo vehicle, a dealer will put the car up for sale as a ‘used’ car with an attractive price tag for customers who don’t mind paying a little less for a virtually unused car.

Sounds pretty good right?

So what can you expect price-wise? Well, depending on the type and model, you can expect anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 off the original price. Not too shabby if you consider that the car has probably only driven around the block and back.

2. Demo cars avoid sharp depreciation

One major drawback of buying a brand new car these days is the amount that it will depreciate from the moment you sign off on that deal. Some estimates put this at a grizzly 58{10869d906370ac92246a45117153392add26ddaaa5395511b5ae6e0b554d28dd} loss of value in the first 3 years of ownership. Let’s crunch some numbers.

Say you bought a new SUV for $52,000 – three years later your car has lost a potential $30,000+ in value. That’s enough to buy you another brand new hot hatch. Ouch indeed.

Sure it has next to 0km on the odometer, but many people would be asking themselves, is that really worth the full price? For many, it’s just not.

3. Demo cars come issue-free

How many times have you looked at used cars and been turned off by the amount of maintenance you’d need to do straight away. Welcome to the second-hand market where no car is perfect.

But by definition, demo cars need to work well to fulfil their purpose of (literally) selling cars.

That means they need to be in tip-top condition to get buyers over the line. A demo car with a dent or rust is no demo car. That makes buying these creatures a great investment for anyone hoping to save upfront.

4. Demo cars are already broken in

We’re still talking about cars, right?

Yes, new cars, like wild horses need to be broken in – or warmed up to drive them normally. In practice, this means driving more carefully for the first 1,000 kilometres to ensure your engine isn’t put under too much stress straight away. This can improve performance, fuel efficiency and long term engine health.

The good news? Demo cars are already broken in and are fully ready for you to put your foot down and see what it’s capable of.

5. Demo cars are under warranty

Demo cars will always be under warranty and don’t let any dealer try to convince you otherwise.

It should always be part of the package and not any sneaky addition. This makes it easy – especially if you can’t be bothered signing up with a new provider. Remember to ask about it when speaking with the sales representative.

6. Demo cars have low Kms

Think about it. These cars are being driven by cautious (yet optimistic) drivers who have about 5 to 10 minutes to see how this car works before making a big decision about spending big – or not. They’re driving around the block, getting a feeling for some of the features, and then they’re whacked away by a hopeful sales rep. That’s it. No lengthy road trips, no prior accidents, nothing to worry about. Basically, that means that these cars will have 5,000km or less on their odometer. Any more they don’t qualify as a demo vehicle.

7. Demo cars are ready to drive away

This is the best bit. Demo cars are ready to drive away. You can skip the waiting line and take it with you with no questions asked. Be sure that you’ve got all the right documents with you on the day to make the deal. Driver’s licence (obviously) ID and means of payment and you’re good to go.

Visit your local dealership to find out more about demo cars Perth. Happy shopping!