4 Unique Wedding Decoration Themes to Try

Marriage is a sacred event. In marriage, couples make a sacred promise to wade life together in joy and sorrow. Usually, the marriage is synonymous with the celebration. Every couple who will get married indeed has its dream about the wedding decoration theme. If you are looking for a wedding decoration rental, you can visit www.absolutepartyhire.com.au.

Here are some unique wedding decorations to try n your future wedding

1. Shabby Chic

Women usually love the concept of Shabby Chic. This concept brings the romantic side. Starting from the selection of pink and pastel colors and floral patterns. Women like this theme because they want their wedding party filled with romance.

2. Rustic

this one seems to have something in common with the Shabby Chic. Rustic decorations also carry pastel colors and floral patterns in the decoration. However, Rustic is more inclined to the concept of country, vintage, and use the elements of wood. The rustic theme looks unique more than the Shabby Chic idea.

3. Glamor / Luxury

Marriage with this concept usually has luxury things around. Such as the display decoration, up to the appearance of guests, everything is luxurious. The colors concept is white, silver, and gold. Usually, people who live in urban areas will be inclined to this concept. Glamorous wedding decorations require a large space and a large budget.

4. Classic

Classic has been the choice of many couples or families. The classic elements can apply to all ages. The classic theme will also still look formal and sacred as a whole.

5. Beach

Nowadays, many people use the beach concept at their wedding. Because the view of the beach will be the perfect background to apply at a wedding. Usually, the idea of marriage on the beach has been dominated by aqua colors, white, turquoise, and blue sea.