4 Must-Visit Destinations in Phuket, Beach lovers, pay attention!

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Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. There are many tourist destinations that you can visit. Here are some tourist destinations to try:

1. Patong Beach

Patong Beach is the most famous beach in Phuket. Many tourists visit this beach. Along the coast, there are many cafes and restaurants ready to spoil your tongue. This destination is perfect for you who like to hang out at the beach, get sunbathing, and enjoying good food.

2. James Bond Island

Are you a James Bond fan? You must know that one of the James Bond’sBond’s films was shoot in Phuket, Thailand. This place has the original name that is Kao Pingkhand. However, the name has changed its name to James Bond Island since many foreign tourists know this exotic island through the James Bond movie.

3. Phi-Phi Island

Phi-Phi Island is one of the hidden paradises in Phuket. Decorated with high cliffs, the beach in this island has incredible views. The panorama looks fantastic since it is coupled with clear and bluish-green water. Do you know? This area was used to shoot one of Leonardo de Caprio’s movie.

4. Surin Beach

No less famous than Patong Beach, Surin Beach is also full of tourists. Its beautiful natural scenery and clear sea can amaze anyone who visits this place. Besides, this beach is also equipped with various lodgings. For those of you who still want to enjoy Surin Beach, please have a stay here.

Those are some tourist destinations that you must visit if you are visiting Phuket. Plan your vacation now!