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Helpful Tax Relief Solutions Those dealing with owing a debt to the IRS often aren’t sure how to proceed. There are some helpful tax relief solutions available that could be of great help to your situation. The solutions offered are for those that know they would not be able to pay the amount owed in the amount of time given. One of the forms of tax relief is known as the not collectible status. A lot of people prefer this option if they are having to pay liens and garnishments that they cannot handle. Garnishments out of pay can be extremely hard as sometimes it can take a substantial chunk of money that is needed for basic necessities. This can help with those facing losing property and assets due to financial hardship. People that are facing losing their homes may especially be helped with this benefit as it can save a very dreary eviction and moving process that can be overwhelming. Tax attorneys may be needed for this as they will be able to help with filing the forms required and gathering all paperwork and evidence needed. Many are able to get their financial life in order due to this and are often allowed years of relief. It is interesting to note that IRS debts are on a statute of limitations that is ten years. Another popular tax relief solution is to request an installment arrangement. This is for people that can afford to pay back small monthly payments over time. There is a form that you can fill out online or through the mail and there is an application fee. They will give you options on payment methods once you are approved for an installment plan. Many like the bank withdrawal automated method as it means that you will not have to worry about forgetting payment for such a vital bill. The third popular tax relief solution is known as an offer in compromise. Offer in compromise is when a person settles with the IRS by paying less than what they say is owed. People that try for this should realize that there must be a true dire situation shown or it will likely not be accepted. They may also approve an offer in compromise if they doubt you truly owe the amount that they claim. Many can benefit with this very well as they will pay less than they owed and be able to do so easier. The aforementioned IRS tax relief solutions could assist many with their IRS tax debt.Figuring Out Taxes

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