I Love Having Thick Lashes

At one point in my life, I think I should have taken stock in the mascara company I was buying from. I had really thin eyelashes, so I ended up using a lot of mascara when I would go out. My sister’s mascara would last her nearly three times the amount of time that my own lasted, but she also has always had nice and very thick eyelashes. Since I inherited my mom’s lashes, I had to make them thick with mascara. That changed though when I tried Careprost eye drops. I owe it to my sister for getting me to even try them, because I had no idea that something like that even existed.

It was created to treat glaucoma, so it was not even intended to be used as a beauty product. However, when it was discovered that thicker lashes was a side effect, then it really opened up a door that was shut tight to people like me. What I like about it is that it is not just covering up a problem. That is exactly what I was doing with my many layers of mascara. When I would come home, I would take all my makeup off. That left me with my thin lashes again.

Now that I have used Careprost eye drops for about six months, I no longer need to apply all of those coats of mascara to my lashes. This is because I no longer need to cover up my thin lash issues. The Careprost has helped me to grow thicker and longer eyelashes. It did not happen with just a few applications, so patience is definitely required. After about a month and a half, I could start to tell that it was working, and now you cannot even tell that I have used anything to make them as full as they are.