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Easy Ways to Make Fold table for Kids Learning

Actually many desks are available in furniture stores with various beautiful shapes. But if you look in terms of exact price is very expensive and can’t be reached in all circles. And to make happy the child must be parents will buy a child’s study table for his daily activities.

Well this time the Engineering Kitchen will give you an easy way to make folding tables for children’s learning clearly and precisely until you will easily mimic it, and can make your own folding table. Foldable table is needed because many factors such as narrow place or easy to save because the compact.

Easy Ways to Make Foldable Table for Kids Learning

Required Carpentry Tools:

  • Saw
  • Drilling machine
  • Elbow
  • Meter



Materials to Use:

  • Plywood
  • Wood Ring
  • Bolt size fits


For the materials – materials you can buy it in place of wood and for plywood you can buy it in place of recycling plywood, thus the price of materials to be used will be cheaper. For the engineering tools used you can visit it at Complement Denmark, The price is cheap and quality.


Easy Ways to Make Fold table Table for Kids Learning

Creation Stages:

  1. Cut wood batten length 30 cm to 4 pieces
  2. And size 20 cm make 4 pieces, then make the middle cross 1 piece and make the bottom 2 pieces.
  3. Then drill at the end for the bolts, which are long with short ones, then on strong bolts
  4. After that, drill a long piece of wood in the middle of the wood with (10 cm from the end of the wood) to bolt the buffer
  5. Install the middle wood as long as the desired size
  6. Attach a plywood on a short wood with nails, inner side of the inner side and on the outer side equate on the outside
  7. Put the bottom
  8. And try the test by opening and closing the table.


Such an explanation of How To Easily Make Folding Table For Child Learning may be useful for all.