Best Home Maintenance Software of 2018

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, meaning it’s something you will want to keep in tip-top condition.

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Using a home maintenance tool helps keep track of tasks, but with so much software out there, how do you find the right one?

We’ve highlighted our favourite programs 2018 offered to help narrow down your search.

If you’re renting out your property, you should also ensure you have a full inventory. Companies such as inventorybase can assist with general management of a rentals by producing professional inventories, inspections, risk assessments and more.

Home Management Wolf

HMO is a simple application with impressive range of features and easy design. Utilising property inventory software and asset tracking tools, HMW makes it easy to monitor maintenance, repairs, mortgage payments and more.

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With unlimited storage, you can save photographs, mortgage contracts, home warranty …

How Has the FCA Changed the UK Payday Loans Market?

When the OFT (Office for Fair Trading) were responsible, the payday lending market was inefficiently regulated.  Although firmsnominally abided by the terms of the Consumer Credit Act, they largely acted as if there were no regulations at all.  The technology of applying online, the lack of affordability checks and the fact that borrowers could easily refinance the loans all meant that it was easy for borrowers to start out with a small loan which could spiral out of all control once interest charges and late fees were added.  Some payday firms also had unscrupulous and unethical business practices.  For example, they would often threaten to get the money repaid as soon as possible or encourage the borrower to take out another larger loan.

Payday loan regulationsbecame more robust when the FCA took over in April 2014.  Apart from ensuring that all consumer credit firms were registered with them, the …